Symptoms, function and quality of life in myalgic encephalomyelitis/CFS: an Australian based, cross-sectional study, 2019, Donnelly

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    From: Dr. Marc-Alexander Fluks

    B.Sc. Thesis Kate Donnelly

    Source: University of Tasmania Date: December 2019, online September 2020 URL:
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    Isn't this just confirming that the ones with the worst core symptoms on one questionnaire had the worst function and QOL on another questionnaire?

    As an undergraduate study this seems fair enough - learning to collect and analyse data and discuss it. The conclusions seem sensible.
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    Not exactly news to any of us here but if all nurses had this level of understanding of ME we'd all be a lot better of.

    Nurses have been at the center of some of my best and my worst healthcare encounters, the latter being the more common occurrence.

    I hope this thesis won't just gather dust somewhere but help improve nursing practice.
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