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Science for ME

  1. ME/CFS News and Research

    A place to discuss BioMedical ME/CFS research and news, general ME/CFS news and diagnostic guidelines

  2. Other News and Research

    A place to discuss PsychoSocial ME/CFS news and Research. You can also discuss health news and research unrelated to ME/CFS here

  3. Advocacy and Fundraising

    A place to discuss advocacy and fundraising related to the ME/CFS community

  4. Symptoms, Treatments, Doctors and Diagnostics

    A place to discuss symptoms and treatments related to ME/CFS. Post and discuss ME/CFS doctors and diagnostics here too

  5. Missed, Alternative or Co-existing Diagnoses

    Discuss missed, alternative and co-existing diagnoses here

  6. Living with ME/CFS

    A place to share and discuss lifestyle issues related to ME/CFS