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    The PRIME project: developing a patient evidence‐base
    Sophie Staniszewska, DPhil (Oxon) BSc (Hons), 1 Sally Crowe, Post Graduate Diploma, 2 Douglas Badenoch, MSc, 3 Carol Edwards, BA MSc PhD, 4 Jan Savage, RN BSc (Hons) PhD, 5 and Will Norman, PhD MA (Hons) 6

    We are grateful to the participation of all the individuals who were interviewed for this study. We are also grateful to the advisory group who have been an integral part of this study. They include: Catriona Courtier (Network MESH), Colin Barton (Sussex and Kent ME/CFS Society), Esther Crawley (Royal United Hospital, Bath), Jane Colby (Young ME Sufferers Trust), Jude Rogers (Crowe Associates), Ken Manley (CHROME), Kirstie Haywood (RCN Institute), Maria Shortis (Action for ME), Mary Jane Willows (Association of Young People and ME (AYME), Ray Gibbons (CHROME), Sarah Chapman, RCN Institute, Sarah Perkins (Medical Research Council), Sylvia Morgan (Network MESH), Trevor Wainright (Carer), Vivienne Parry (GUS Charitable Trust). We are also grateful for the funding, support and encouragement we received from the GUS Charitable Trust and particularly to its Administrator, Vivienne Parry who was integrally involved in this study and in the advisory group.

    Does this still exist? (I haven't read all of it)
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    I'd didn't see any Prime stuff still on-line. If we had an address we could probably find info at:

    Parry did this embarrassing defence of PACE for AYME:
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    Jane Colby at TYMES Trust would probably know what, if anything is ongoing

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