Forward-ME Group Letter to the Science Media Centre, April 2018

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  1. Andy

    Andy Committee Member

    Hampshire, UK

    This letter refers to the 'fact' sheet discussed in this thread,
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  2. Sasha

    Sasha Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Excellent. I especially like the threat to report them to the Charities Commission if they fail to comply (though I'm actually amazed that the SMC are a charity - but it is).
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  3. Peter Trewhitt

    Peter Trewhitt Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Thank you to Forward-ME for taking this robust stand against the misinformation and indeed downright lies in the recent SMC so called 'fact sheet' on ME.

    For too long the SMC has been allowed to breach its own guidelines and act as a biased cheerleading section and apologists for the advocates of evidence less psychosocial models of ME and their profoundly flawed and increasingly unethical research.

    Indeed this hastily released 'fact sheet' could only have been timed as a preemptive propaganda strike in relation to the Wiltshire et al paper.

    The incestuous croneyism of a section of the British science establishment including some journals, some universities and the SMC (and the DWP and the Insurance industry) has no place in science in the twenty first century. They had escaped scrutiny by maligning patients and black balling young academics that pointed out flaws in their research, but fortunately this is now being seen for what it is.

    Now focus needs to be turned on the associated clinicians that use threats of sectioning or child protection orders to impose medically sanctioned abuse on patients and children.

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