Transient Receptor Potential Ion Channels in the Etiology and Pathomechanism of CFS/ME, 2018, Marshall-Gradisnik et al

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    Open access at
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    So basically just another rehash of previous research? I wonder when they're gonna publish something new after hoovering up every last cent of funding in Australia a couple of years ago.
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  3. Trish

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    It describes itself as a review of the possible roles of the stuff they talk about in ME.

    I was hoping they might actually be presenting new data here to support their theories, but as @hixxy says, it presents hypotheses, not data.
    I don't have sufficient knowledge to say whether it contributes anything new.

    I also notice it was published only a month after the journal received it, which suggests super quick peer review (if any). I thought papers took many months in the process normally. Maybe reviews like this get less scrutiny because they don't claim to have found anything new.

    @Jonathan Edwards, can you help here. Does this say anything new or useful in your opinion?
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