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Review: How has cognitive behaviour therapy been adapted for adolescents with comorbid depression and chronic illness? A scoping review, 2020, Loades

Discussion in 'PsychoSocial ME/CFS Research' started by Andy, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Andy

    Andy Committee Member (& Outreach when energy allows)

    Hampshire, UK
    Open access, https://acamh.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/camh.12421
  2. rvallee

    rvallee Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    When you find yourself having to admit that something has been used in practice for decades without there being any evidence whatsoever about whether it is of any use and see no problem with it, you have found your problem and it is the one staring back at you in a mirror.

    This stuff has not only been used for decades, its groundbreaking efficacy has been touted for decades. It is constantly hyped as effective, even though research published today is still nothing but a bunch of "may be" and "could be" that suggest it would be great if someone could figure out how to make it work.

    It's the fact that everyone in this field is either oblivious or indifferent to this that guarantees failure. This is exactly how not to science. This is the exact opposite of science, in fact it's identical to how the alternative medicine industry works. No coincidence.

    At this point the clinical psychology industry exists to provide employment to people who work in clinical psychology. The field could be so much more than that, but it has chosen to huff on paint and just ram it through without any afterthought, hell even without the ability for hindsight. Everything is new, but also proven and old. It's groundbreaking, now if only someone could figure out how to make it work.

    Absurd. Completely absurd.

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