Metabolic profiling of an ME cohort reveals disturbances in fatty acid and lipid metabolism, Hanson, Levine et al, 2018

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    Have had limited success with the search function here, so if this has been posted already, please delete.


    Link to full study:
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    Just read this. It's interesting but obviously a small pilot that needs reproducing with a larger and possibly more comprehensive cohort (only used 17 women aged 42-68). Clearly needs an overlay in terms of men vs women, and severity for future studies. These were the things I picked out:

    1. Interesting that it confirms some other work in terms of disrupted metabolic pathways.
    2. Adds weight to the argument that we could and should have a metabolic profile as a future biomarker (identifies 35-74 possible metabolic markers)
    3. Puts a focus on liver function as an area for further study and an explanation for some of the symptoms.
    4. Puts tenuous links to the neurological aspects in terms of phospholipid metabolism
    5. Highlights that perhaps taurine and lipid supplementation may be possible avenues for treatment?
    6. Falls short of coming up with a unifying theory for disease onset and progression.
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    Very interesting.
    I tried reading it but flamed out so thanks for the synopsis
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    Am I right in thinking this is the Hanson study published last year and now becoming open access 12 months later?
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    Quite possibly ...I enjoyed reading it agin if so :D
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    This sounds like it might be along the same lines as Nancy Klimas' work on altered homeostasis.
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