Meditation and Breathing Exercises Can Sharpen Your Mind

Discussion in 'Other health news and research' started by Indigophoton, May 11, 2018.

  1. Indigophoton

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    The article,
    Full paper available here,
  2. Invisible Woman

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    I have tried both pranayama and meditation since developing ME and neither have improved the sharpness of my mind.

    Meditation techniques can be useful to make sure the mind gets some rest.

    Perhaps others fared better?
  3. andypants

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    I used to meditate twice a day before I got ill, but after I have had trouble doing it. I feel like this might be related to the change in brain waves. Now instead of spacing out and relaxing I feel like I'm drowning or falling down a black airless hole. Not pleasant.

    I've tried several times to get back into it, but no luck. I miss it. Especially on days when my brain is fried and I can't read or focus on anything and meditation feels like it would be just the thing. The only time it worked for me was the three days before a heavy cold this winter, when I felt completely recovered in every way. Didn't last :emoji_shrug:
  4. Alvin

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    If my mind gets any sharper i'll be considered comatose
    This obviously doesn't apply to our type of brain damage
  5. Hutan

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    Aotearoa New Zealand
    My experience is that people who are not breathing for any sustained length of time aren't thinking well. So, breathing does seem like a good idea whenever possible.

    Sorry, that's too easy. I've only superficially skimmed the paper, but I do think this is an example where the publicity 'Meditation and breathing exercises can sharpen your mind' isn't quite supported by the actual scientific findings in the paper.
  6. Mij

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    @Alvin . . . do you think you have brain damage? I've had cognitive difficulties over the years but also periods of feeling back to normal as long as I don't overuse my brain. Back in 2000 I was at my worst and found out through testing that I was very deficient in Omega 3. I don't understand why I was deficient. Perhaps we have a higher demand for it. Dunno.
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  7. Alvin

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    I certainly do, confirmed by multiple MRIs, though it seems to be the typically ME type reports, eerily similar to one of the ones posted in JenB's twitter threads a while back :(
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