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I was in pain for years. After I was repeatedly told I just had ‘bad periods’, a giant cyst was found on my ovary. By Holly Bourne. The Times (London)

Discussion in 'Other health news and research' started by JohnTheJack, May 16, 2022.

  1. JohnTheJack

    JohnTheJack Moderator Staff Member

    (Paywalled) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/...-pain-for-years-why-did-no-one-help-gt0wtltcq
  2. Hutan

    Hutan Moderator Staff Member

    Aotearoa New Zealand
    On implementation of NICE Guidelines:
  3. Arnie Pye

    Arnie Pye Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    There is an organisation called the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy They have a list of "Accredited Endometriosis Centres". Are they any good? I have no idea, and have had no experience of them.

    I found this document describing the kind of things they are supposed to do :


    One massive problem I've read about is that surgeons don't recognise endometriosis when they see it. They look for black "powder-burn" lesions. But endometriosis lesions come in various forms and colours, not just black, and are not recognised.


    Another issue I've read about is that non-expert or incompetent surgeons can go in, use the laser laparoscope to burn off the top of any lesion they happen to recognise, and then think they've done their job. But endo lesions have been described by some experts as being like an iceberg. Taking the top off leaves 90% of it behind - and not only that it now has laser burns to add to the pain.

    And from the newspaper article :

    I'm curious. What kind of scan shows up endometriosis? I have been told that X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, and Ultrasound scans don't show up endometriosis. So the annual scans are just pointless, but are presumably just to shut the patient up.

    Edit : Oh, and finally - once a doctor or surgeon has done whatever they are going to do to the patient - e.g. laser laparoscopy, removal of various organs etc, the woman is assumed to need no further treatment. If they still say they are in pain they are depressed , drug-seeking, and mentally ill.
  4. rvallee

    rvallee Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    This is ominous.

    For years UK physicians said the guidelines bound them about ME. Turns out it's basically arbitrary and services just do whatever they feel like doing. It's frankly hard to find areas of healthcare that aren't massively broken.

    In Canada we don't really have national guidelines, local services just do what they feel is right based on broad policies. Looks like the UK isn't any different on that front, despite having an agency for that. Weird.
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