Hairdresser who loved life says he feared he would die after developing 'tightrope' condition

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    well that's a new name!

    Liverpool Echo article

    "A young hairdresser who “loved life” said he lost everything after ME robbed him of his ability to do his job and left him housebound.

    Brendan Boyd developed the condition, characterised by relentless exhaustion, in 2011 after he caught a virus.

    He spent the next five years struggling to convince doctors there was anything wrong with him and was repeatedly told it was all in his head or he was depressed.

    His health nosedived and he was eventually diagnosed in 2016 – but by then he was unable to leave his house.

    In September 2016 Brendan had a seizure and, despite trying to fight his way back to health, is still unable to work and needs carers to help feed and wash him.

    Brendan, now 34, from Prenton, said: “My life is walking on a tightrope and I have to watch every single thing I do.""
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    That's a good article. I really feel for him - misdiagnosed and wrongly advised for years until he became severely affected. With comments from MEA too.
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    Yes. good balanced article
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