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Article: Brain studies show chronic fatigue syndrome and Gulf War illness are distinct conditions

Discussion in 'BioMedical ME/CFS News' started by Andy, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. rvallee

    rvallee Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    That's not really a fair framing. Many people insisted it was, they were just shouted down by people with giant egos who believed in the superiority of their personal opinions. Opinions and beliefs overruled facts, leading to willful stagnation and denial of basic care. It's a positive change to recognize the failure but whitewashing the facts of what happened is exactly how these mistakes keep happening over and over again.

    A field of science that refuses to learn from its mistakes is doomed to continue failing. Given that the consequences fall entirely on people who are explicitly excluded from the process or even consideration, the patients, it's always framed as a small oopsie, because no medical professional was hurt in the process of bullying through their mediocre personal beliefs and lying their ass off about some of the basic facts.

    This is how patient engagement should actually begin, by starting to acknowledge those who suffer the consequences, deprived of even basic due process or agency, their reality denied and their lives disposed of. A shrug of indifference is definitely not a proper response, as if no one did anything wrong and this disaster an inevitable force of nature, rather than a massive failure of choice.

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