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    I thought this website tool might be useful for those folks wanting to see how papers are connected. There have been a few threads lately trying to chase back the early work of some investigators and how they may have affected the field.

    Here is an example for the PACE protocol paper

    Paper : Protocol for the PACE trial: A randomised controlled trial of adaptive pacing, cognitive behaviour therapy, and graded exercise as supplements to standardised specialist medical care versus standardised specialist medical care alone for patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomye

    Connected Papers Reports :

    1 : Graphs:

    2 : Prior Works : for example it shows link to Sharpe - 1991 - "A Report–Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Guidelines for Research"

    3 : Derivative works :

    Enjoy playing.........
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    This looks fascinating @wigglethemouse and potentially quite a find. Did you screenshot the output? I ask because I can't find the save or export function.
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    Yes I did screen shot using the Win10 snip tool. Yeah a save or export function would be nice - apparently it's the most requested feature

    The source for this comment is a blog by one of the developers announcing this new website. It's an interesting read.
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