Thoughts on a rough day (week, month, year, millenium...)

Discussion in 'Relationships and coping' started by Sue Klaus, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Sue Klaus

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    Life with even moderate MECFS....
    It's like our homes are our refuge and our prison. We know that our spark has been dimmed, yet rail against that theft. We overdo sometimes just to prove to ourselves that we are still ourselves, because we remember. And we miss it. And we want our lives back.

    Strangely, our anger and our stubbornness becomes our engine, even if those also deplete us.

    I understand. I am there with you. I am hoping we all get some relief.

    And we won't let the bastards of pain and suffering be our jailers.
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    Love this @Sue Klaus. It's excellent.

    I've misplaced my anger and stubbornness. It's restful to be too exhausted to rail against the bars of my prison /refuge, but I've also lost myself.

    Ahhh. Perfectly expressed.

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