Review The Utility of Methylphenidate for Fatigue in Long-Term Neurological Conditions: A Meta-analytical Review 2023 Hagan and Kumar

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    Objective: Fatigue is a chronic and debilitating symptom of many long-term neurological conditions (LTNCs). Although methylphenidate provides some promise in alleviating fatigue in other clinical groups, little work has explored its potential utility within LTNCs. The current systematic review and meta-analysis evaluates the utility of methylphenidate for symptoms of fatigue in LTNCs.

    Methods: Five databases (PsycINFO, MEDLINE, Embase, Scopus, and Cochrane Library) were searched for relevant articles from their inception to February 2022. A purpose-developed evaluation tool was used to assess each study's research quality (QuEST:F).

    Results: Of the 1698 articles identified, 11 articles were included within this review (n = 370). Meta-analytical findings reported an overall significant benefit of methylphenidate for symptoms of fatigue across a mixed neurological sample (g = -0.44; 95% confidence interval, -0.77 to -0.11). Subgroup analyses identified a significantly greater benefit (P < 0.001) of methylphenidate for fatigue in LTNCs with static pathogenic trajectories (eg, traumatic brain injury) (number needed to treat = 2.5) compared with progressive conditions (eg, multiple sclerosis) (number needed to treat = 40.2).

    Conclusions: Methylphenidate may pose an effective intervention for the treatment of fatigue in a number of LTNCs. Nonetheless, given the quality of the current evidence base, there exists a clear need for further robust assessment of the utility of methylphenidate-with a focus on subgroup-specific variability.

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    Just did a quick search - methylphenidate is Ritalin.
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    Didn't work for me.
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    you have an energy limiting disease this is inconvenient in modern society so we will fix it with a stimulant that will force you to use more energy .Is this truly the wisdom of modern medicine or just batshit crazy political fixes.

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