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Respiratory Physiotherapy for POTS and disordered breathing

Discussion in 'Cardiovascular and exercise physiology (CPET)' started by Fainbrog, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. Ryan31337

    Ryan31337 Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    They've been selected for this attribute. The Panic cohort all received a prior panic attack diagnosis from psychiatry, before being referred to this study because they reported orthostasis as a known trigger for their panic attacks. The authors have then shown the hemodynamics and patterns of respiration in this Panic group differ from POTS-HV group (which specifically don't have panic attacks).

    Fair point if they were told, I'm not sure they were. There's no reason to believe they were in the earlier studies when a wider POTS cohort was being studied, which is when the key findings were presented.

    I understood this study to be a more narrow look at specific groups, probably to counter arguments that their earlier findings were simply representative of some HVS/panic attack muddying the waters.
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