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Now a good time to raise awareness of ME with visitors on the move

Discussion in 'Advocacy Action Alerts' started by Forestvon, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Forestvon

    Forestvon Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Good time to raise awareness at Christmas with visitors on the move now as you never know how many it might reach.
    Download and print ME awareness leaflet (large print, bold, boxes so easy to read) #MEawarenessand comic strip showing effects of PEM from

    A holidaymaker from hol cottage next door rang the bell asking to retrieve a frisbee thrown over fence. I gave her comic strip/leaflet re ME I keep by door (am housebound) as I try to give to all callers including delivery drivers :)

    Turned out she had been a carer for a severe pwme years ago so happy to take more leaflets etc so asked her in so could give her more just printed which were by computer, and told her small kids could get it too and be bedbound after GET as she didnt realise.
    She said she was going all over the place so she took a big handful of leaflets (larger orint, bold and boxes so easy to read) and comic strips to distribute :)
    Flat out now but it was well worth it! Phew!
  2. Trish

    Trish Moderator Staff Member

  3. It's M.E. Linda

    It's M.E. Linda Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Von, you are a one woman wonder with raising awareness. So pleased that the temporary neighbour was so receptive to learning more.
    I managed to educate some people when I was on holiday this year.
  4. Forestvon

    Forestvon Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    LOL thanks. That's great you did too - if we all do a bit, every little helps :)
  5. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem Senior Member (Voting Rights)

  6. Forestvon

    Forestvon Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    I was able to go to my only accessible friends' coffee morning today - she keeps a sunlounger there for me and about 20 paces to walk from car otherwise too hilly or too far to walk.

    I went armed with comic strips and awareness leaflets just in case, and there were four people there I only knew vaguely or not at all so was able to give them the leaflets and tell them about kids with ME etc.

    Just thought I wd post a reminder as could save others suffering disbelief. Every little helps :)
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