Mitochondria and Immunity in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 2020, Anderson & Maes

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    Free full text:
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    I do not know where he got the figure of 75% of m e patients having a major depressive disorder from . but I think its grossly inflated . otherwise it comes across as a review of many papers published in the last decade .and of course a wish for better/more research which is always needed.
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    Here's the journal link

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    Most pwME are frustrated, fed up and pissed off. Not clinically depressed (and that as a construct is pretty shaky).

    If patients are given questionnaires rather than clinican administered structured clinical interview with time enough to distill out what is going on, then MDD will be over inflated.

    Being pee'd off and struggling with multiple losses including lack of money, loss of job, status, relationships, being unable to do activities and fun stuff people valued makes it understandable that people will experience periods of low mood. But, that's an understandable reaction to a major life changing event. With help, support, medical care and understanding most people are remarkably resilient.

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