Preprint Internal tremors and vibrations in long COVID: a cross-sectional study, 2023, Zhou, Iwasaki et al.

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    Internal tremors and vibrations in long COVID: a cross-sectional study
    Tianna Zhou; Mitsuaki Sawano; Adith S. Arun; César Caraballo; Teresa Michelsen; Lindsay McAlpine; Bornali Bhattacharjee; Yuan Lu; Rohan Khera; Chenxi Huang; Frederick Warner; Akiko Iwasaki; Harlan M. Krumholz

    Importance: Internal tremors and vibrations symptoms have been described as part of neurologic disorders but not fully described as a part of long COVID.

    Objective: To compare demographics, socioeconomic characteristics, pre-pandemic comorbidities, new-onset conditions, and long COVID symptoms between people with internal tremors and vibrations as part of their long COVID symptoms and people with long COVID but without these symptoms.

    Design: A cross-sectional study, Listen to Immune, Symptom and Treatment Experiences Now (LISTEN), of adults with and without long COVID and post-vaccination syndrome, defined by self-report.

    Setting: Hugo Health Kindred, a decentralized digital research platform hosting a network of English-speaking adults interested in contributing to COVID-related research. No geographic limitation applied.

    Participants: The study population included 423 participants who enrolled in LISTEN between May 2022 and June 2023, completed the initial and the conditions and symptoms surveys, reported long COVID, and did not report post-vaccination syndrome.

    Exposure: Long COVID symptoms of internal tremors and vibrations.

    Main outcomes and Measures: Demographics, pre-pandemic comorbidities, and current conditions, other symptoms, and quality of life at the time of surveys.

    Results: Of the 423 participants (median age, 46 years [IQR, 38-56]), 74% were female, 87% were Non-Hispanic White, 92% lived in the United States, 46% were infected before the Delta wave, and 158 (37%) reported “internal tremors, or buzzing/vibration” as a long COVID symptom. Before long COVID, the groups had similar comorbidities. Participants with internal tremors were different from others in having worse health as measured by the Euro-QoL visual analogue scale (median: 40 points [IQR, 30-60] vs. 50 points [IQR, 35-62], P = 0.007), having financial difficulties caused by the pandemic (very much financial difficulties, 22% [95% CI, 1630] vs. 11% [7.3-15], P < 0.001), often feeling socially isolated (43% [95% CI, 35-52] vs. 37% [31-43], P = 0.039), and having higher rates of self-reported new-onset mast cell disorders (11% [95% CI, 7.1-18] vs. 2.6% [1.2-5.6], Bonferroni-adjusted P = 0.008) and neurologic conditions (including but not limited to seizures, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, neuropathy, etc.; 22% [95% CI, 16-29] vs. 8.3% [5.4-12], Bonferroni-adjusted P = 0.004).

    Conclusions and Relevance: Among people with long COVID, those with internal tremors and vibrations have several other associated symptoms and worse health status, despite having similar pre-pandemic comorbidities, suggesting it may reflect a severe phenotype of long COVID.

    Link | PDF (Preprint: MedRxiv)
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    Version 2 of preprint posted Aug 28, 2023.
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    Presumably participants were asked about any prescribed or non prescribed medication? as tremor is a common side effect of pregabalin which is fairly commonly prescribed also gabapentin
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    I have had the internal vibrations in my lower legs since having the first Moderna vaccine. After having the Pfizer vaccine the vibrations are much worse and I also get a burning sensation on the bottom of my feet. Neuropathy is one of the most reported long term adverse reactions to the covid vaccines.
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    I did have tremors early in my ME, but haven't experienced them in many years.
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