Association between C-reactive protein and chronic fatigue syndrome: a meta-analysis, 2017, Wang et al

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    For what its worth.
    PDF download,
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    These results are pretty consistent, imo. When they isolated those studies that used high sensitivity CRP assays, every single one showed a trend towards higher CRP in the ME patients vs. controls.

    The difference is pretty tiny, which suggests that it might be driven by a subset of patients.

    One potential problem is that its unclear just from the paper whether all studies controlled for BMI. This is a pretty strong predictor of CRP levels so you need to control for that.

    But if you think its great new biomedical evidence validating the existence of ME, then think again. An association has also been shown between CRP and depression (independently of BMI), and the psychosocial people believe that its the bad thoughts causing the inflammation.

    We need to be prepared for when the BPS crowd start to get with the inflammation trend (which they will, its only a matter of time)
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    The problem with non-specific tests is findings with poor specificity...
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