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Alzheimer’s Research UK article about gut and liver

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by NelliePledge, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. NelliePledge

    NelliePledge Moderator Staff Member

    UK West Midlands
  2. mariovitali

    mariovitali Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    @NelliePledge Thank you.

    Someone from PR Forum sent me this yesterday : Treatment of Psoriasis with Bile Acids, Bioflavonoids and Liver Support :

    The most important part in my opinion is the following :

    The psoriatic microbiome is similar to that seen in alcoholics; there is a decrease in bacterial diversity and overgrowth of bacteria in the small bowel. Psoriatics often have liver disease and deficiencies in bile acids

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