Acute Phase Phospholipids Related to the Cardiolipin of Mitochondria in the Sera of Patients With CFS, ciguatera, GWI, 2008. Hokama et al

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    Acute Phase Phospholipids Related to the Cardiolipin of Mitochondria in the Sera of Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Chronic Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CCFP), and Other Diseases Attributed to Chemicals, Gulf War, and Marine Toxins

    Yoshitsugi Hokama 1 , Cara Empey-Campora, Cynthia Hara, Nicole Higa, Nathaniel Siu, Rachael Lau, Tina Kuribayashi, Kenichi Yabusaki
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    The PDF version with the full paper can be found here :

    From the paper :



    Here is where the Liver comes into play :

    So Liver, cardiolipin antibodies, antiphospholipids. They mention that the toxin CTX (ciguatoxin) is most likely affecting the Liver but they also suggest that Liver involvement may hold for other cases as well :

    Next let's look at Anti-phospholipids :

    from :

    Cardiolipin antibodies in ME/CFS, same authors .Has this been replicated? :

    FWIW, using some new techniques that attempt to find the cause (highly experimental) suggest -as a hypothesis as always- that the most likely causative problem is in the Mitochondria-associated Membranes (MAMs).
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    For those in the US that are interested here are a couple of antiphospholipid Syndrome diagnostic tests from Quest that include testing for anti-Cardiolipin (aCL) antibodies.

    Antiphospholipid Syndrome Diagnostic Panel

    Antiphospholipid Antibody Panel

    Dr Jill Schofield has talked about this disease in her presentations on complex chronic disease patients she sees. Here is an excerpt from her website. In simple terms "sticky blood".
    I've heard of a few ME/CFS folks testing positive for these.
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    The research was done in Hawaii but I believe the main scientist retired or, possibly, died and the research joined all the rest of the promising ME work that just faded away.

    I seem to remember reading that one of the problems was that the Hawaii work tended to talk about ciguatoxin but the work from the NIH spoke about anticardiolipin. Even though these were the same thing, it meant that the quantity of research seemed half of what it actually was.

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