What Gorilla Poop Tells Us About Evolution and Human Health

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    I’m struggling to see what the relevance of this is to anything? ...gorillas microbiome in the mist? ...are they trying to say we should be better people if we ate like a gorilla? ...I haven’t quite pulled the tripe card out yet ...but I’m bloody close ..oh what the hell

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    It hints at a paradigm shift.

    Certainly, it's not intended as any kind of clinical advice.
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    Yes, I had noticed what it was trying to say...my point is there has been quite a bit of evolution in between to make the correlation of a microbiome of a gorilla which has different dietary requirements a little bit pointless.

    We eat a varied and omnivorous diet and this adaptability to our environment is how we have colonised the globe as we have evolved. It’s also why the gorilla is sat on its arse chowing down on fruit for months and hasn’t. So yes I’m sure what you eat affects your microbiome ...so what? We know this already from it being bloody obvious and we know we can change it over the very short term.

    Changing from what microflora to another is the question and identifying the subtle effects of different populations at a species level is what will be interesting. The results of this sort of research will undoubtedly roll back up to some sort of dietary advice....unlikely to be to eat a gorilla diet though. However I’m sure some die hard paleo lifestyle followers would like the idea. I can see the crazy food bloggers lapping it up.

    The hints the article refers to are jumbled and confused, one moment talking about gorillas then talking about humans, then talking about how bad it is we eat a regular diet all the time and the evils of the food supply chain then talking about poor gorillas being depleted in numbers.

    Pure fantasy and extremely tenuous, with too much conjecture and not enough science in it ....poop of the highest order I’m afraid. I’m sure they had a lovely expensed trip collecting the samples though.
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