What diseases can have a /very/ long list of symptoms?

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  1. Samuel

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    i am collecting a list of diseases in which it is possible for an individual to have more symptoms than most pwme. what diseases are known to be /highly/ polysymptomatic?

    for example, some descriptions of m.e. [iirc stanford or omf] mention 60 or so. what diseases can have that many or more in one individual?

    for this purpose, there is no need to be picky. for example, the diseases listed in meicc are all "symptoms". interstitial cystitis and reversed phase sleep are both "symptoms". flushing and high il-6 are both "symptoms". however, please qualify whether it's /common/ to have that many symptoms, or merely /possible/.
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    I think a lot of systemic autoimmune illnesses can have a large number of potential symptoms. Lupus is the one that immediately springs to mind, although I may well be being influence by watching too many episodes of House ;-)

    (Less flippantly, I think one of the US autoimmune patient associations did a survey where they said that diagnosis for the average patient took years from getting ill, due the varying nature of the illness - I'll try and dig it out if I get a minute)
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    Borreliosis/Chronic Lyme. It's not called "the great imitator" for nothing.
    Partly due I suspect also to the fact that vector-borne illnesses often come with multiple co-pathogens each with their own symptom profile.

    Western medical science is strangely myopic when it comes to chronic degenerative illnesses. It's natural that with an ongoing disease process, more and more weak points are being created and exploited over time, so what is a singular "disease" in an otherwise healthy person--say, candidiasis--is a symptom, or co-generator of symptoms, in AIDS or ME.

    Medical science at this point is about gathering a cluster of symptoms and giving the subset cluster a name. So you're asking a loaded question, Samuel!

    For instance I think in my case ME is the sequela of lifelong untreated Lyme + extreme Pb poisoning + prolonged occupational chemical exposure + poor detox pathways. The symptom list is very long.
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  4. Arnie Pye

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    Hypothyroidism can have many, many symptoms, although many people will only complain of a few, and obviously some are much, more common than others. The reason for the multitude of symptoms is because every cell in the human body needs thyroid hormone at some point in the cell's lifespan, and in most cases need thyroid hormone throughout the life of the cell. I think I read somewhere that elderly red blood cells don't use thyroid hormone(s), but I could be wrong, and I have no source for the info.

    For a very long list of symptoms (some of which are different words for the same problem) see this link :

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