Video and slides of Action CIND's 2017 webinars are now available

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    From their Facebook post:
    Our series of webinars is now complete and the videos and slides are available in the following locations:

    The INS and OUTS of Long Term Disability

    Video -
    Copy of Slides -

    Understanding Your Workplace Rights: Work Matters for the Chronically Ill and Disabled

    Video -
    Copy of Slides -…

    Dr Alain Moreau – Challenges and Promising Research Avenues to Decipher the ME/CFS Enigma

    Video -
    Copy of Slides -

    Understanding Registered Disability Savings Plans

    Video – unfortunately the video was corrupted and is not usable
    Copy of Slides -

    We hope you enjoy them and find them beneficial.​

    Please share widely.
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    Very wearing ...this man knows how to talk but not in a concise way.

    unless you want a lot of waffle and a very basic introduction to science I would skip to slides 8 onwards (about 25 min in).

    Interesting his mention of homocysteine for identifying symptom severity levels, circulating micro RNA (slide 16) marker comments, and stress test methods?

    Good to see the genetic predisposition being looked at.

    worrying his use of "spectrum" which personally I think is a fudge and unhelpful. I think he confuses sub types with degree of severity in places. I also worry that "spectrum" is a word used by the mental health brigade and this may be subverted by some in the uk. I think he needs to stick with "complex" until more is known.

    Overall not much to see here yet other than good intentions so far. I liked his collaborative approach for sharing data etc.
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    Maybe they were trying to correct the misspelling 'stomotology'!
  4. Esther12

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    LOL - I tend to associate 'complex' with CFS dodginess! Funny how the years of quackery and prejudice we've experience has meant many of us now have these concerns and associations that would probably seem like loopy paranoia to someone new to the field. Both 'spectrum' and 'complex' are words people use routinely in a nonproblematic way.

    PS: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the video.
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