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The Washington Post: Ad campaign features testimonials from young ‘long haulers’ to motivate vaccine-holdouts

Discussion in 'Long Covid news' started by ahimsa, Nov 16, 2021.

  1. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Oregon, USA
    [not sure where to post this, hope this is the right place, feel free to move]

    Ad campaign features testimonials from young ‘long haulers’ to motivate vaccine-holdouts

    After her covid-19 infection, 20-year-old could no longer remember first date with boyfriend even after looking at photos

    By Lena H. Sun

    With nearly a third of American adults unvaccinated as the country enters the higher-risk winter months, some public health experts are turning to ad campaigns that feature the voices of people in their 20s sickened by “long covid” as a way to try to motivate many younger people still reluctant to get the shots.

    Full article: https://wapo.st/328v4HI

    Note: This link is a "gift link" - no paywall for the next 14 days. I've been a subscriber for a while and finally figured out that I get a certain number of these gift links each month so I might as well use them!
  2. Ariel

    Ariel Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Thank-you for sharing this. I have been surprised that (unless I missed it) there has not been a campaign like this before. It seems like a straightforward and obvious rationale for vaccination, particularly in young people as long covid/etc poses the biggest risk to them. At yet it is rarely mentioned. It's been bizarre living through all of this without much acknowledgement of it. If people understood how bad long covid could be (and that it isn't that rare), they would take fewer risks overall. I hope these and other more responsible public health messages start to percolate.

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