The Times - Untouchable ‘diva doctors’ bully staff and put patients at risk (2019)

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    Uhhhh. Yeah... That sounds like the core of the problem right there, "positive clinical results" having nothing to do with patient welfare. I'm not even sure how most health care systems would have any awareness of patient welfare since all they are aware of is the physicians' perception, which is often laughably wrong and impossible to correct.

    Not sure how well a restaurant would fare if waiters filled their own customer satisfaction cards, somehow always a 10, and complaints were dismissed as vexatious. How is it even possible to be aware of satisfaction, or welfare, when it is not measured at all and there is open hostility to anything that could expose problems?

    I can't speak for the NHS but this seems about the same I find in my own health care system. There is simply no feedback mechanism besides making time-consuming official complaints about specific acts, most of which are dismissed and gagged. Particularly a problem when the problem is the absence of services or refusing to do anything.
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    I'm normally pretty understanding of the dilemmas front line medics face, but I must say it feels like this paramedic should at the very least be the subject of a formal enquiry, as well as the doctors. But presumably that will be standard practice anyway for something like this.

    ETA: The medic in fact seems to have exhibited considerable confirmation bias. aka Prejudice.
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