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The gut virome in Irritable Bowel Syndrome differs from that of controls, Coughlan et al, 2021

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by Andy, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Andy

    Andy Committee Member (& Outreach when energy allows)

    Hampshire, UK
    Open access, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19490976.2021.1887719
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  2. DokaGirl

    DokaGirl Senior Member (Voting Rights)


    Thanks for this.

    Of course, as the authors note, IBS has not much been studied in this way. It's long been assumed to be a psychosomatic ailment. It isn't.

    A ME specialist told me IBS has been noted to precede ME.
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