the devil we know DuPont/Teflon

Discussion in 'Other health news and research' started by NelliePledge, Dec 1, 2018.

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    I’ve been watching this documentary today It’s been shown here by the BBC as part of their Storyville series. it’s an Erin Brockovich type example of chemical poisoning of water in W Virginia. But massive wider implications due to formulation of Teflon including C8 the offending chemical. Corporate capture of the EPA by DuPont. Huge
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    Well, as they say, nothing sticks to Teflon.
  3. SallyC

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    It was a really good documentary although such a tragic story. I'm not buying Teflon pans anymore given the harm that gets done making them. We were taught at vet school about not having pet birds in the kitchen if Teflon pans are used, the fumes kill them, like in the programme!

    Sadly I suspect if they have more scrutiny DuPont will move production to a less developed country where regulations aren't as strict.
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    Glad I stopped buying Teflon pans years ago :confused:

    There are so many better alternatives now, like cast iron pans that are not sticky but can also handle metal spatulas, dishwashers, and going in the oven at high degrees. Especially with ME, I refuse to own anything that doesn’t go in the machine!
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    That is what I am wondering.
    I'm not a Teflon fan, but what I like even less is using tons of oil and then everything still gets stuck on the pan - it tastes bad, it looks bad, and you'll have lots of fun cleaning the pan, where all the yummy baked food parts really are.

    So are there real alternatives to teflon pans? (@andypants, if you want to - could you write me a PM with a link or whatever?)
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