The COVID Long Haulers: Facing the Cognitive and Physical Consequences, June 22, 2021

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    Many COVID-19 survivors of all ages experience alarming neurological and physical signs and symptoms post-infection. Dementia-like symptoms, including memory loss and confusion—described as "brain fog"—are lingering burdens for some, while others confront an array of physical symptoms including shortness of breath, cough, and chronic fatigue. Several studies are in progress to investigate the impact of COVID-19, including a possibly increased risk of later-life cognitive decline or dementia. Researchers, clinicians, and health policy makers are striving to understand COVID-19's long-term impact as well as the supports needed by survivors and their families.
    June 22, 1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT

    Elizabeth Cooney
    General Assignment Reporter, STAT

    Nisreen Alwan
    Long-COVID Patient; Associate Professor of Public Health, University of Southampton

    Walter Koroshetz
    Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health

    David Putrino
    Director, Rehabilitation Innovation, Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Heather Snyder
    Vice President, Medical and Scientific Relations, Alzheimer's Association
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    Here is the moderators email

    I just wrote her to please ask Koroshetz to provide any evidence that "Long Covid" with the exact symptoms of ME/CFS is a novel disease, and mentioned that NIH has vastly underfunded ME/CFS research, and that NIH might be deflecting from calling "Long Covid" ME/CFS due to their long record of underfunding ME/CFS. If others have energy/interest today, perhaps you could also also email Elizabeth in the next couple of hours.....
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    And I got a nice reply......

    Thanks for this -- appreciate it.
    Elizabeth Cooney
    Twitter: @cooney_liz
    Mobile: (617) 752-1491
    STAT Reporting from the frontiers of health and medicine
    Try STAT+ today
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    Bump...this is on now.....Koroshetz says long Covid was "unanticipated".....
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    Holodeck #2
    Archived video of the livestream is at
    Actual livestream starts just before the 8 minute mark.
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    Only to those who were not paying attention.
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    It is interesting that the value of a scientific theory/approach is its ability to predict the future. Those that are expressing surprise at the existence of Long Covid should perhaps ask what was wrong with their understanding of post viral conditions and wonder which groups were not surprised.

    ME patient forums and charities were from the start predicting this and advocating the need for prospective studies taking advantage of this grim opportunity, researchers already working on the biological underpinnings of post viral conditions were predicting this and some have e tended their previous research to include Long Covid, even before it had a name.

    Though it is important to distinguish those that predicted from those that are seeking to jump on the band wagon, as with the BPS advocates of graded exercise therapy and CBT, who are presenting their controversial approach as a ready made solution rather than beginning with research and without asking Long Covid suffers to analyse their symptoms and respond appropriately.
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    Given that he answered a question from pwME in March of 2020 about this, saying he hoped it wouldn't happen but that they should be prepared for it...

    Small lies like this go a long way to reducing someone's credibility. Easy lies, easy to dispute.
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