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Sources of online information for medical professionals

Discussion in 'Resources for Health Professionals' started by Hutan, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. daftasabrush

    daftasabrush Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    International Consensus Primer
    - the diagnostic checklist, the inclusion of Atypical M.E. (less symptoms than M.E.) and the bullet point treatment strategies
    Canadian Consensus Criteria - especially for medication - there's a one page Appendix sheet for symptoms which is great for the less common ones too.
    Institute of Medicine report is fairly good although the diagnostic criteria would probably end up with many whose chronic fatigue has an unrelated cause.
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  2. Metabolically challenged

    Metabolically challenged Established Member

    A second Clinicians' Summit is scheduled for next month (March, 2019). The Bateman Horne Center is probably driving this summit as they did the first one last year. One of the main products is expected to be specific guidelines for clinicians. Such guidelines will be extremely valuable for patients to provide to a doctor who is not closed-minded or badly misinformed. When the guidelines will be completed is unclear. Soon would be great.

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