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    I'm quite fascinated by the scandal of Paolo Macchiarini (discredited surgeon with failed pioneer work on trachea implants). How could a charismatic doctor be able to fool so many for so long? Can the story about Macchiarini tell us something about blind spots within medical research?

    Science has written this article about a new documentary on Macchiarini. The documentary is not so much about his research, but about his relationship with an NBC investigative producer whom he also managed to scam profoundly.

    The Investigation Discovery television channel showed the documentary yesterday.

    Science: A romance gone bad: Valentine's Day Program examines biomedical researcher's ignoble lies

    ..her own experience has helped her understand why the allegations of his scientific misconduct were so unwelcome, she says. “Whether you are an institution that financed him, wrote a paper with him, or were in the operating room with him, it’s very difficult to admit you were fooled,” she says. “It’s humiliating. … It’s much easier to want to shove it under the rug and move away from it.”
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