Ridiculous Spell can help fix your phobia

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    Harry Potter fans will be perfectly familiar with The Ridiculous Spell. If you are not (yet) a convert, Harry uses this particular spell when wants to turn a negative situation or feeling into a positive one. By waving a magic wand at a person, or scenario, Harry is able to transform a moment of fear into a moment of comedy.

    What Potter enthusiasts may not know is that when you visit a phobia-cure specialist they will actually use something very similar to the Ridiculous Spell to help desensitise you from your fear, memory or phobia."


    I am visualising SW in tights and a leotard doing a work out to 'Pump up the Jam'............
    singing along 'Make my day, make my day.......'

    Well, I'm not cured; and as I didn't have a fear of exercise in the first place...............
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    But did you have to share it? :yuck:
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