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Quantitative separation of the depressive phase of Bipolar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder using Electrovestibulography (2019) Lithgow et al.

Discussion in 'Other health news and research' started by Cheshire, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Cheshire

    Cheshire Moderator Staff Member

    This left me perplexed. Is it complete quackery or a promising diagnostic method?
  2. Wonko

    Wonko Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    I'd be interested in the thinking that lead to this experiment being carried out. Coz on the face of it it's complete and utter twaddle.

    Why would electrical activity in the outer ear canal have anything to do with anything, other than maybe what a person was hearing at that moment? and probably not even that.

    Have they tested the more likely idea that depression is closely related to the cost per 100g of pork pie in the patients fridge? i.e. if nit pork pie, or cheap pork pie, patient is likely to be socioeconomically disadvantaged, and thus likely to be depressed. Obviously religion is a confounding factor, or may be.

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