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Possible Biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis Identified

Discussion in 'Other health news and research' started by Webdog, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Webdog

    Webdog Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Holodeck #2
    Possible Biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis Identified
  2. Hutan

    Hutan Moderator Staff Member

    For those of you wondering 'could this acrolein be relevant to ME', this paper (I'll call it the acrolein review paper, so as it's not confused with the paper in the first post) is interesting:
    Acrolein and Human Disease: Untangling the Knotty Exposure Scenarios Accompanying Several Diverse Disorders

    So acrolein is probably not a biomarker of MS versus other things, but might help monitor disease flares. And, if we have chronic inflammation, perhaps levels of acrolein might be high in us too.

    But it seems that measuring it is not so easy. It's a reactive molecule. This might explain why I couldn't find any study of acrolein levels in people with ME with a quick google.

    Instead, the acrolein review paper suggests that looking for the metabolites of acrolein might be the best way to go.

    That's as far as I can get right now. It would be interesting to see if there have been any measurements of these metabolites in people with ME. The acrolein review paper notes that cyclophosphamide is a major exogenous source of acrolein, with that causing bladder damage in people given cyclophosphamide -- so it's possible that Fluge and Mella may have thought about this and done some measurements of both acrolein and its metabolites.
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