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"Paralysis " from neck down?

Discussion in 'Neurological/cognitive/vision' started by Pibee, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Pibee

    Pibee Established Member (Voting Rights)


    Another weird thread of mine.

    Anyone has this feeling from being cut-off from your body from neck down?

    I actually wasn't aware of this, it was subtle. I just had many dysfunctions - classical CFS, plus additional - apraxia (which is problem with cognitive-motor manual performance, like combing your hair, it was also subtle but bad enough for me to just not function fully etc)

    then, I did high dose vitamin D. It helped a lot some symptoms (others made a disaster so overall i regret it and stopped it but that is offtopic), - one of symptoms it helped a lot was energy and apraxia.

    What happened? First time in my life I started to have pain in brain stem area , when the pain would get stronger, I'd feel better.

    It felt like my brain and body re-connected (which i maybe never even felt since as kid i already had some apraxia), and this made fatigue almost disappear.

    Then I realized how the reason for my fatigue is, at least indirectly, because body is not connected consciously to the brain. Brain moves body around and my brain wasn't aware of it. It was cognitive - consciousness thing.

    I also got back "awareness" of my feet (feeling would be again wrong word because I didnt have sensory issues in my feet), so when i'd squeeze my fingers on hands or feet, my brain was aware, unlike before.

    So many strange things linked to body-brain connection, or awareness of connection, that made CFS much better.

    Since I had to stop vit D because it made my head get very bad (some cognitive symptoms), the fatigue was back, even though I never relapsed fully with brain-body connection and never felt again like at worst when I would lay and feel liike I only have brain and cant move from neck down.
    At my most 'paralized' moments maybe even my cognition worked best.

    Neurologist found nothing for this, my reflexes, sensory feel in limbs, MRI, all is good.

    Was just wondering how would this be linked to any of the theories on CFS, and brain stem role..
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
  2. Hell..hath..no..fury...

    Hell..hath..no..fury... Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    @Pibee this is a great way to describe it, ie the body not consciously connected to the brain.

    I've suffered with this for 20 years, non stop for first 2 years.

    The conscious connection would also explain how we could temporarily get movement back and then just as quickly lose it again after a random fleeting reconnection and go straight back to parslysis.

    Maybe we should drop the doctors and call out an electrician to fix the faulty wiring instead ;)
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  3. Pibee

    Pibee Established Member (Voting Rights)

    @Hell..hath..no..fury... , yes. The fatigue has definitely something to do with awareness/consciousness of the body. I experienced this during my almost remission on high dose vitamin D, the shift when I was aware of body and that awareness made me not fatigued.

    I guess must be somehow connected to thalamus (?) which recently VanElzakker said shows hypoperfusion, so it's connected to sensory processing.

    But I had also real paralysis, not lasting long, like you said, .. seconds... or just feel like paralysed but you arent.

    Must say it is not here anymore, it was present for yearssssssssss, until antibiotics. Now is gone. Which , paradoxically, didnt help my overall functioning at all . LOL.
    So sad.

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