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Not ME : One of Britain’s leading universities embroiled in major research scandal

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Daisymay, May 16, 2018.

  1. Daisymay

    Daisymay Senior Member (Voting Rights)


    One of Britain’s leading universities embroiled in major research scandal

    16 MAY 2018 • 10:00PM

    One of Britain’s leading universities has become embroiled in a major research scandal, after an inquiry found that scientific papers were doctored over an eleven year period.

    Professor David Latchman, Master of Birkbeck and one of the country’s top geneticists, is accused of “recklessness” by allowing research fraud to take place under his watch at University College London’s (UCL) Institute of Child Health.

    UCL launched a formal investigation after a whistleblower made allegations of research fraud in dozens papers published by scientists at the Institute.

    ( the rest of the article is behind paywall )
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  2. Snowdrop

    Snowdrop Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    He's a Commander of the British Empire (CBE)

    I think the body responsible for handing out shiny gongs needs an office of Integrity to do due diligence.
    Kinda like a Devils Advocate.
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  3. Daisymay

    Daisymay Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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  4. Starlight

    Starlight Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    How I'd love to see same for another university and a different cast of actors. I hope it will come
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  5. MEMarge

    MEMarge Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    UCL now see the teens who used to be seen at GOSH (Great Ormond St Hsp). Same nurse heads it up.
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  6. It's M.E. Linda

    It's M.E. Linda Senior Member (Voting Rights)


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