Nederlands Dans Theater with video dedicated ME-patients everywhere

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  1. Kalliope

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    This was stunning!!

    Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) on Facebook:

    Anil van der Zee is a former professional (ballet) dancer, who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). ME is a debilitating neuroimmune disease affecting 17 million children and adults worldwide. NDT supports Anil’s mission to raise awareness for ME through performance art.

    NDT 2 dancer Tess Voelker created this wonderful video on the music from the ME film ‘Unrest’, together with dancers Boston Gallacher, Rachel McNamee and Aya Misaki.

    Read more about Anil’s mission and the disease on

    [​IMG]➡️ May 12: ME Awareness Day!

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  2. Helen

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    So beautiful. Thanks to everyone involved.
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  3. JohnM

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    Indeed .. many thanks to NDT and Anil (@Grigor if memory serves?), and brought back some happy memories. I was fortunate enough to see an NDT2 live performance in April 2016 in Bradford, UK - was one awesome evening of dance, and link to some trailers of the performance can be found here for anyone interested.

    No idea how I made it there and back, and took over a week to recover, but so worth the effort; my alternative 'therapy' of choice for sure, so much better than CBT/GET. I don't think I stopped smiling throughout the time it took me to get back to a baseline, and despite the 'world of pain' I was in? :laugh:

    By hook or by crook (and as a birthday treat to myself), I'll be headed on over to Leeds in June to see Richard Chappell Dance | At the end we begin. Absolutely no idea how I'll make it there and back, given I can hardly look after myself of late, but will cross that bridge nearer the day. Been way too long since I last saw some live contemporary dance.

    So if there is anyone here on the forum, who enjoys dance, and is able to get to Leeds on the night, do feel free to PM me, would be great to meet up.

    Wishing everyone improved health and every happiness. John :)
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  4. Invisible Woman

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    Wow. That was amazing! Thank you @Grigor & everyone involved.
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  5. Ravn

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    Aotearoa New Zealand
    Beautiful and very moving!
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  6. MarcNotMark

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    Another video, this one is by "Introdans", dedicated to Anil / @Grigor

    Google Translated:

  7. Grigor

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    Thanks I had no idea you guys posted this here. NDT is huge Especially as a dancer. I'm extremely thankful they helped out.
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