Most definitely not a recommendation. Webpage: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Stem Cell Therapy

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  1. Andy

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    Hampshire, UK
    Link if you really want to read this garbage,

    At a guess, the idea is to draw people to the site in order to get revenue from ads - it's certainly not to accurately educate visitors.
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  2. Indigophoton

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    (Not that it doesn't feel quite deathly most of the time, when rather severe ;))
  3. Barry

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    by Dr. O-what-a-load-of-old-bullocks.
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  4. Guest 3

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    I took a look at a few of his/her articles.

    He wrote one about Hospice care.

    The first sentence:

    What is a 'chronically filled' patient?

    In another article he asks what is meant by home health care?

    His brilliant answer:

    He also wrote an article on "How to lose fat face" which starts off by describing the problems of obesity. He then goes on to describe how facial fat can be totally embarrassing and to eliminate it we must know the cause which he explains as excess calories. He then describes some spot exercises:

    In number two, he says 'or both sets of tees' -- golf tees? This guy could use a proof reader.
    In number three, he seems to be suggesting loss of facial fat through pores.
    In number two, wow chewing gum for 30 minutes twice a day reduces facial fat, decreases calorie intake, and increases body metabolism.
    In number six, can you really gargle anywhere at anytime?

    Dr O can't be taken seriously.
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  5. Jonathan Edwards

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    London, UK
    Maybe Dr O is a Russian robot, or a robotic Russian.
    Not that I have anything against robots.
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  6. Inara

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    The texts are very ill written, very non-professional sounding.
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  7. Barry

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    Number one doesn't look too clever sentence construction either:
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  8. Barry

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