Mitochondria-derived methylmalonic acid, a surrogate biomarker of mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress..., 2020, Wang et al

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    Full title: Mitochondria-derived methylmalonic acid, a surrogate biomarker of mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress, predicts all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in the general population
    Open access,
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    Like I needed more things to complicate my B12 interest.

    A problem from the abstract is that "normal" levels of B12/cobalamin does not necessarily mean "adequate" levels of B12. Functional deficiency is diagnosed based on increased MMA levels when B12 is within the normal range. And "normal" is defined differently in different countries.

    I assume there are clarifications in the paper itself but based on the abstract I'm reading "people with problems in B12 metabolism have increased all-cause mortality", which aligns with studies on high levels of B12 (they could be high because people who struggle to metabolize B12 simply keep more of it in their blood?).
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    I'm not sure it does? It seems to suggest that raised levels of circulating MMA may be an indicator of mitochondrial dysfunction, and that this dysfunction could be prognostic for increased mortality.

    Furthermore, the increased mortality risk is still present even when participants do not have cobalamin deficiency.


    "Mitochondria-derived MMA is independently and robustly associated with increased all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in the general population, especially in participants with normal cobalamin. Such link extends beyond 10 years’ follow-up. Moreover, circulating MMA improves risk stratification in patients with cardiovascular disease outmatched Hcy and CRP. Our results support MMA as a surrogate biomarker of mitochondrial dysfunction more than just monitoring cobalamin deficiency. The biological mechanisms under cardiovascular disease warrant further investigation."
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    You might find this (open access) paper of interest on the subject of high vitamin B12.

    Title : The pathophysiology of elevated vitamin B12 in clinical practice

    Link :

    In my own case my B12 is high simply because I supplement rather a large dose. High levels caused by supplementation are not known to be dangerous.
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    Just think about all the parts about B12 metabolism that researchers haven't even discovered yet. :)
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