Metabolomics in Central Sensitivity Syndromes : Miller, Saona, Hackshaw Apr 2020

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    Very interesting.

    In the conclusion they make an assessment on this sort of result:
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    As much improvement it is to do some actual science over useless psychometric questionnaire mathemagics, I can't really see much value here as there is about exactly 0 chance that a "CSS" cohort of CFS patients would be valid. They are probably a mix of several different things lumped together based on superficial features that exist only in the researchers' minds.

    It is encouraging to see that there are still people in the CSS/FND/WHATEVER field trying to do some actual work but this is just doing the same thing that others have been doing with better-validated cohorts. They seem to be finding some of the same things but even well-validated cohorts are unlikely to be truly homogeneous.

    As cohorts go, CSS is probably about less nonspecific than a cohort of random autoimmune diseases. Maybe there are universal processes to those but CSS is pretty much as meaningless a label as MUS. Still better than yet another iteration of the same 3 experiments in a loop, though.
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    I found the thought behind this sentence truly terrifying.

    Painful disorders can be treated with painkillers but if anyone uses those painkillers they are drug addicts not patients.
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