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Medical Independent Ireland: 'It's all in the mind' (2019) George Winter

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Deleted member 102, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Guest 102

    Guest 102 Guest

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  2. Sly Saint

    Sly Saint Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Is psychiatry “[l]osing its territory”, with “few places left to go”? If so, Restifo’s chilling speculations might help explain, for example, psychiatric excursions into territories such as hitherto unexplained illnesses like myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

    For example, the biopsychosocial (BPS) model of ME proposes that psycho-behavioural interventions can alter its course favourably.

    The credibility of the BPS model, however, was dealt a severe blow when the results of the so-called PACE trial, published in The Lancet (2011, 377: 823-836), were discredited on several fronts in peer-reviewed articles.

    By contrast, mounting evidence shows that ME has a biological cause, centred on the immune system and a probable inflammatory process.

    When the scientific basis on which psychiatry is popularly supposed to rest is challenged by psychiatrists themselves should those individuals be branded as militant?

    No (even if it’s a welcome change from ascribing militancy to some ME organisations).

    More importantly, there is a sense in which psychiatry appears to be “muscling in” on other medical specialities, with, as Gupta (above) warns, EBP placing psychiatrists in situations where they wrongly believe they have knowledge about the appropriate intervention.

    Might this be the case with ME? If so, it constitutes a disservice both to ME patients and psychiatry."
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  3. NelliePledge

    NelliePledge Moderator Staff Member

    UK West Midlands
    Would be good if he could get something published on these lines in the UK
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  4. Barry

    Barry Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Would this be useful late-breaking news for Carol Monaghan in her debate which starts soon?!

    Abso-bl**dy-lutely ...
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  5. Guest 102

    Guest 102 Guest

    Hey, Nellie, I know George has pitched several ME pieces to UK editors but it is not always plainsailing getting an article taken. He actually had this in British Journal Healthcare Management last year, paywalled though: https://www.magonlinelibrary.com/doi/pdf/10.12968/bjhc.2018.24.3.112

    This is his second ME piece in Med Independent - I am v happy that doctors in Ireland - and elsewhere - will be reading his ME writing.
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  6. Guest 102

    Guest 102 Guest

    I did tweet the article to Carol Monaghan earlier today, but she will have her hands full!
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  7. MEMarge

    MEMarge Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Thanks Nasim, the hold the psych lobby have over the UK media is just unbelievable. Like numerous other aspects of ME.
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  8. Suffolkres

    Suffolkres Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Merged thread

    This is worth a read and goes well with Brian Hughes' book!

    ........and a great comment too!
    There is no greater or more dangerous takeover by psychiatry than what is now going on with ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ in the NHS, based on an appalling model that was tried and tested with patients with ME.

    The psychiatrists involved, mostly based in Oxford and at the IoP (now the IoPPN) were plotting their takeover back in the 1990’s, possibly earlier, and now it’s coming to fruition with not only encroachment on “disciplines like neurology, general medicine, alternative medicine, clinical psychology or social work taking” as you mention, but also on emergency and paediatric medicine, with absolutely dire consequences for all. David Clark (co-founder of IAPT) and his psychiatry chums are at the heart of this with their condemnation of mind-body dualism and promulgation of an ‘integrated care’ model. Let’s make no bones about this, it’s all being done to save billions of pounds from the NHS budget. What better way to make ‘efficiency savings’ in the NHS than to tell patients that their physical problems are mental health problems instead and that they could benefit from cheap CBT (other psychological therapies are [sometimes] available). First convince everybody that mental heath problems are rife and need to be prioritized so that you have a captive audience. Then say that mental health stigma must end, so anyone who speaks out about this abomination is accused of stigmatizing patients and undermining patient care.

    Their evidence base is completely flawed and misdiagnosis rates are unacceptably high, just ask Professor Sir Simon Wessely. Patients are left suffering the most horrendous symptoms and pain. How many people have to die before doctors and psychiatrists wake up to what is going on?
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  9. Sean

    Sean Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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  10. Arnie Pye

    Arnie Pye Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Unless I can't see the wood for the trees, the article appears to be anonymous. I notice at the bottom it says "Posted in [sic] George Winter". Are we supposed to assume George Winter is the author? Is he a journalist? Is he an editor? How much weight does he carry in psychiatric or medical circles?

    I liked the article, but I'm not convinced it will achieve anything worthwhile, even if it turns out that George Winter is a colossus bestriding the psychiatric profession - there are too many people with too much to lose.
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