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ME-conferences in Stryn, Norway March 26-27th

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS news' started by Kalliope, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Kalliope

    Kalliope Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    This is a private initiative from Stryn, Norway. They've organised ME-conferences before with great programme and results.

    This year there will be conference for everyone who wishes to attend at Tuesday March 26th from 16.30 - 20.30. Nest day, at Wednesday 27th, there is a conference for health personell from 8.30 - 17.30

    The conference has its own website with information about the location, how to get there, programme, registration etc.

    Here is a quick translation of the programme:

    Tuesday March 26th - Open day
    16.30 - Opening by Nils Petter Hauge
    16.45 - Senior researcher at Sintef, Line Melby
    The research project Tjenesten og MEg (The health service and I). Researchers from Sintef and Fafo are studying the conditions for ME patients and their carers. How ME patients and their families are met from public institutions.
    17.15 - Professor Ola Didrik Saugstad
    New light on ME - a summary of some of the last biomedical findings.
    18.30 - Mette Schøyen - Children and adolescents with ME. How to facilitate for children and adolescent with ME.
    18.50 - Kjersti Krisner - Severe ME. Human rights.
    19.20 - Jørgen Jelstad, Schøyen and Krisner: From a carer's point of view. How is it to be a carer to ME patients and what an be done to help them.
    19.40 From a health political point of view: What has politicians done to better the situation for ME patients and their carers? What political commitments are there? Two politicians from the Committee on Health and Care Services

    Wednesday March 27th - For health personell
    09.00 - Opening by Nils Petter Hauge
    09.15 - Professor Ola Didrik Saugstad New light on ME - a summary of some of the last biomedical findings. ImmunoME-study at Oslo University Hospital.
    10.30 - Professor Karl Johan Tronstad - Is ME caused by energy deficiency in the body's cells?
    11.45 - MD and PhD Candidate Ingrid Gurvin Rekeland - Medical treatment and biomarker for ME/CFS
    13.30 - MD and researcher Katarina Lien - Ergospirometry; what happens with ME patients during physical activity? Restitution time. Lactic acid levels in the muscles. Could ergospirometry be an objective test for ME? Further plans for analysis of samples from the biobank
    14.45 MD Linn Christin Skjevling - Research project fecal transplantation. Could ME be caused by a disturbance in the gut flora, which has another composition compared to healthy people. Findings of increased markers in the immune system could be a sign of a leakage of bacterial produkt from the gut. Sub groups of ME?
    15.30 - Journalist and author Jørgen Jelstad - ME: Where is the research heading? The IOM-report. New times for ME research with more efforts than ever before. Have the view upon ME changed?
  2. andypants

    andypants Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Rumor is it went very well, from what I can tell it's an early Norwegian equivalent to IiME, organized completely by a severely ill girl and her parents. Below is a fb post with some pictures and a short summary, hopefully more info/videos will be published later.

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  3. Kalliope

    Kalliope Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    The ME parents, an organisation for parents to children with ME has shared a good summary of the conference on their blog:
    ME-foreldrene: ME-konferanse i Loen mars 2019

    Sometimes they translate blog posts. I don't know if they plan to do that with this summary as well, but for now here's a google translation of the summary: ME conference in Loen March 2019
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