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ME Association: The 2018 Invest in ME Research Conference Report – Dr Charles Shepherd

Discussion in 'ME/CFS research news' started by Eagles, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Eagles

    Eagles Senior Member (Voting Rights)


    The 2018 Invest in ME Research Conference Report – Dr Charles Shepherd | 14 June 2018

    Dr Charles Shepherd provides a summary report of the 13th Invest in ME Research Conference that took place in London on 1st June - http://www.meassociation.org.uk/wp-...erd-IiMER-Conference-Report-2018-13.06.18.pdf

    “The conference again took place at One Great George Street – an impressive Edwardian building, with equally impressive conference facilities, that sits opposite St James’s Park in London.

    “As usual, the audience consisted of people with ME/CFS, carers, charity representatives, health professionals and researchers, from the UK and overseas. The conference was chaired by Dr Ian Gibson with his usual wit and enthusiasm.

    “Overall, this was an interesting and enjoyable meeting that covered a number of important overseas research initiatives, as well as some clinical presentations that are more relevant to the here and now situation facing people with ME/CFS.

    “Thank you to everyone who was involved in the organisation of the conference.”
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