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Magnetic resonance with spectroscopy, ME/CFS and ADHD? Help please!

Discussion in 'Neurological/Cognitive: Brain Fog, Concentration' started by Hubris, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Hubris

    Hubris Established Member

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    Hello everyone,

    MR with spectroscopy is available where i live. Having proof of neuroinflammation would be very useful to be taken more seriously by doctors.

    Unfortunately they don't measure the whole brain, only an area that is 8x8x1 cm, so i have to choose where i want the metabolites to be measured.

    I would go for: 1. Left anterior cingulate (shows the most inflammation in Younger's study) and 2. The area above the right lateral ventricle in the frontal region (studies have shown increased lactate in the lateral ventricles in ME/CFS, my EEG shows abnormal slow wave activity in the right side of the brain and another ME/CFS patient i know had the metabolites elevated here).

    If i can get a third prescription i want to measure the part of the brain most associated with ADHD since i have extreme ADHD (developed after infection, so it's not actually ADHD and stimulants don't work - it sometimes gets better for a brief moment after flu like episodes) which gets worse every day, i'm at the point where i basically have no free will anymore, like i have 0 dopamine left. Even writing this was absolute torture. I am very desperate about this symptom if you can tell. I'm fine with fatigue, POTS and everything else but this is the absolute worst.

    So my question is: What 8x8x1 area of the brain malfunctioning is most associated with ADHD?

    Thank you! :)
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