How to treat NSAIDs induced stomac ulcer ?

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by Dechi, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Dechi

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    I take aspirin 81 mg to prevent CVA. For more than 1 week I had a migraine and my doctor had prescribed me Naproxen for it. Before taking Naproxen, I tried 2 doses of ibuprofen, which didn’t work.

    Naproxen gave me terrible stomach pain for 12-15 hours. That was 3-4 days ago. Since then, my stomach hurts and is temporarily relieved by TUMS (calcium, 1000mg x2) or by eating.

    Would probiotics help restore the intestinal flora and cure the ulcer ? What else would work ? I will make an appointment with my doctor and call the pharmacist because this is not fun...

    I’m negative for H. Pilori, in case someone wonders.
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  2. Trish

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    Hi @Dechi, I'm sorry you're having horrible pain. It sounds like a good idea to consult your pharmacist and doctor.

    We can't give medical advice, but I think I can say that if pain is in the stomach, which is at to top of the abdomen, and where acid helps break down the food, TUMS or food can be a temporary help by neutralising the acid so it doesn't irritate the stomach lining so much if it's a bit inflamed (not necessarily and ulcer).

    Probiotics are more relevant to the lower gut where gut bacteria (good and bad) are active. That's why they are taken for irritable bowel syndrome, to try to help tip the balance to more good bacteria.
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  3. Dechi

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    Thank you @Trish. Tums help but they’re only a patch. While I was having insomnia I read that olive oil can cure ulcers, so I tried it. So far so good, I will take some more tomorrow and call the pharmacist.
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