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Historical Studies (pre-2000) of particular scientific interest

Discussion in 'Science Library (Read only)' started by Woolie, Jan 31, 2018.

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    The entire November 1978 issue of the Post Graduate Medical Journal was devoted to ME and can be accessed here (note ME is called Epidemic Neuromyasthenia in this issue):


    Click on the article name in the table of contents, and then click on the PDF symbol on the subsequent abstract page to read the full article.

    @Forbin notes that the issue includes articles by Melvin Ramsay and J. Gordon Parish among others.

    The link below is to a historical catalogue of articles going back to 1994, and even earlier, compiled by Margaret Williams (includes a useful search function):


    Thank you to @Daisymay and @Forbin for supplying these links.

    S4ME discussion on these articles can be found here:

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