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Has anyone had granulomatous appendicitis?

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by InitialConditions, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. InitialConditions

    InitialConditions Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    When I had acute appendicitis in 2015, the results came back that it was a rare case of granulomatous appendicitis - with a prevalence of order 1% of all appendicitis cases.

    "Granulomatous appendicitis (GA) is a rare form of appendicitis described to occur due to varieties of causes such as a foreign body, fungi, parasites, mycobacteria, Yersinia and Crohn's pathology. Often a specific cause is indiscernible and this is designated as "idiopathic GA". Few case series in adult population have reported the incidence of GA between 0.14% and 2% of appendectomies."


    I've always wondered if I should have gone back to the consultant and asked if it may have had relevance to my other symptoms (including IBS). Back in 2015 I felt reasonably well and this was before my ME diagnosis.

    There is a history of inflammatory bowel disease on both sides of my family. My mum has Ulcerative Colitis and my Dad's mum had Crohn's, but I certainly don't have severe bowel issues - more just mild IBS.
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