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Glutathione does it help and which one?

Discussion in 'Other: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; GcMAF' started by music4me, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. music4me

    music4me Established Member

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    Hello everybody,

    I have had a few people recommend Glutathione to me and I am wondering whether to risk trying it. I have had ME for 26 years and am now housebound and just continuing to deteriorate, I have tried so many things over the years and nothing has helped and a lot has made me more ill. I am loathe to try any more supplements as I have cupboards full of stuff that I couldn't tolerate and so had to stop. I can't try a whole bunch of things at the same time as I need to know which ones are problematic as they often cause gastritis, I also have to build up slowly. SO is it worth me trying Glutathione, and if so which one is best? The other one I have been wondering about is iodine but I am wary of that too as if ever my thyroid has shown a problem over the years it has tended to be overactive.

    Thanks for any advice.
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  2. TigerLilea

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    Metro Vancouver, BC
    Rich Van Konynenburg did not recommend Glutathione supplements because his research showed that they didn't work for people with ME/CFS.

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