FOI request to QMUL on how they decided it would take too long to release information on the PACE trial

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  1. Esther12

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    Only just seen this (I google less frequently than I used to):

    Only interesting for how little info they provide.

    It seems that all that is needed for QMUL to decide that they should not release data from PACE is for one of the PIs to write in an e-mail that:

    “Including the time I have spent already, this would take more than 18
    hours to compile and then check the data that are requested.”

    Bet they wish they'd thought of that get-out clause for Matthees' request.

    I thought these were the key bits:

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  2. Adrian

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    I'm reminded of one FoI around the step test results for people who were claimed recovered. They turned the request down as it would take too long. But once they released some data it took me less than 2 hours to calculate including working out the details of their recovery measures. And that wasn't an intense two hours as I think it included making a meal and watching the football on TV.

    The IoC doesn't seem to have the skills necessary to question QMUL about this. The MRC should also express concern because it is suggestive of bad data and code archive processes.

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