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Efficacy of Exercise Therapy in Persons with Burnout. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Discussion in 'Health News and Research unrelated to ME/CFS' started by Tom Kindlon, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Tom Kindlon

    Tom Kindlon Senior Member (Voting Rights)

  2. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Even when they seem to be using PACE as an example of a trial showing positive change:

    Nevertheless, it would go too far to conclude, that
    exercise therapy is not effective in persons with burnout at
    all, because several studies have reported positive changes
    (Bretland and Thorsteinsson, 2015; Heiden et al., 2007;
    van Rhenen et al., 2005; Gerber et al., 2013a; 2013b; White
    et al., 2011
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  3. Inara

    Inara Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    What, exercise is NOT the "eierlegende Wollmilchsau"?! (~ jack of all trades, a swiss army knife) :nailbiting:
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  4. Barry

    Barry Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    ... for people with burnout, not ME. The only mention of chronic fatigue (let alone chronic fatigue syndrome) is in the list of references, the PACE trial itself.
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